ChangeTomorrow selected to take part in Dublin Web Summit Alpha Village and show Participare it’s eDemocracy Platform


Citizens’s engagement specialists ChangeTomorrow have been selected for a coveted spot in the ALPHA (early stage startup) village at the Dublin Web Summit – Europe’s largest tech event.

“We’re disrupting citizen engagement with Participare. The first multilingual eDemocracy cloud based platform where face-to-face joins online.”

ChangeTomorrow announced today that it will be exhibiting Participare on the world on the major tech meetup to be held in Dublin in November (3-5). Participare’s the world’s first out-of-the-box multilingual participatory budgeting platform, capable of managing the entire process of promotion, proposal gathering, voting and execution monitoring. Participare is set to disrupt citizen engagement processes enabling multicultural communities, as well as, promoting online and offline engagement around a trust building platform.

“Traditionally, eDemocracy processes and mainly participatory budgeting have always had a big issue around trust. People don’t see themselves in the political system, and mistrust all opening attempts. Doubt increases even more when it comes to voting. Elected politicians lack their voter’s opinions as they don’t have solid and direct contact with them. Often decisions are only based on technical considerations or key people consultation, which doesn’t always respond to the needs of minorities or local people. Many participatory budgeting processes fail for lack of representation due to reduced participation caused by all the trust problems. Participare is an online platform built to address these issues, ensuring proper participants identification, maximizing engagement and assuring integrated offline and online voting process,” said Cesar Silva, co-founder and CEO, ChangeTomorrow. “Our aim is to provide an easy to use, do-it-yourself, participatory democracy platform capable of adapting to the best practices as well as local specificity.”

ChangeTomorrow is a Portuguese start-up created to develop a global platform for participation democracy initiatives. We aim at exploring new and exciting ways of enhancing citizen engagement in society, helping people change their tomorrow. We helped most of participatory budgeting projects in Portugal with engagement rates as high as 25% of population (Ovar’2014).

César Silva, CEO and Co-Founder ChangeTomorrow
918207888 [Official Blog] [Official Video]

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