Is your Participatory Budgeting really effective?


I’m sure your Participatory Budgeting (PB) is successful. But if asked why, would you be able to tell me without going through the intangible arguments that are good for every process and not specific to you?

Are your goals aligned with your strategy? Are they strategic, operational or procedural?

We have collected some of the most common goals measured by PB organizers:

  • Number of ideas/proposals
  • Number of in-person participants
  • Number of voters
  • Number of voters per channel
  • Population impact
  • Quality of proposals (completeness, level of impact)
  • Minorities reach
  • Gender equality
  • Project execution

“Objectives that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Realistic/Relevant, and Time-bound) are likely to be achieved.”

In Participare we created simple dashboards that let you follow this statistics and fuel your own study. But whatever product you use (if any) do try to have features that allow you some kind of automatic statistics… or you’ll wind up for a lot of work at the end of the process!

As in any other process you can only guarantee efficiency if you set goals, measure it and then act upon them. Don’t be afraid to change some aspects of your PB from year to year. But also don’t forget to communicate them and the reasons why.

Everyone wants success and you’ll be helped to get there.

Writen by César Silva @ ChangeTomorrow

You can reach me at

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