ChangeTomorrow, who we are…

ChangeTomorrow is a Portuguese civic tech company which is a WireMaze spin off created to develop a global platform for participatory democracy initiatives. WireMaze has been portuguese local eGovernment market leader for the last decade.

We started working with Participatory Budgeting in 2010, and since then we have implemented IT solutions for 30 projects in Portugal and a small pilot in Senegal.

Over the last years we got passionate about participatory processes as they allow us to see the direct impact of our work in citizens’ lives.

So, in 2014 we decided to build a platform that could help foster participatory democracy processes all around the world, taking into account special needs of some countries such as multilingual, different participation and voting theories, voters identification, etc.

In April 2015 we launched Participare which is the first solution deployed on what we hope to be a broader range participatory platform.

Do you want to know more? Check out:

In this blog we’ll talk about our thoughts and experiences about democracy, participatory budgeting and citizen engagement. We’ll also share some interesting material as well as conduct a few interviews with internationally renowned opinion makers.

Hopefully we can contribute to change tomorrow’s world.


César Silva


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